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What is a chump I hear you ask ? (Beta)

Our definition:
A chump either or male or female, one that seek the opposite sex in any state, manor or fashion to win the attention of the their target at the expense of the chumps friends and roleplayers.

example of a lame chump excuse (and lame names too !)

Phone: <ring> <ring>....<pickup>
Bob: Gary, you up for a mission ?
Gary: I'm going out with Suzie to the movies tonight, sorry guys.
Bob: You Chump, you know it's Friday and that's mission night. (mission night meaning roleplaying session)

Exceptions to the rule:
It is
deemed exceptable if given fourteen (14) days prior to a mission of a absence. Any other circumstance will be dealt with in a case by case manor. General consensus is normally warranted to determine whether one is not able to make it to a mission or if one is chumping.

Chumping is allowed in any other time but pre determined mission time or once per week in one of at least two missions.



King Chump - open for bidding.



















Send your chump story's to neonflux and possibly become King Chump (not to say that we worship chumps). Story's are rated apon method of chumping, degree of chumping and length of chumping (they never give up do they :-) ). Each chump story will be given a ranking out of ten (10) and placed on this page in ranking order. Make sure the you have the chumpers permission before sending or use anonymous names. You may include a "small" picture if required.