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Palladium Fantasy

The Arms of Nargash Tor This is a Palladium scenario for up to eight first level characters, six second level characters, four third level characters or any combination thereof. It is designed to be an introduction to those players with little or no fantasy role-playing experience.

Northwood Map Rhaznor Stronghold
Level 1 & 2 Map
Rhaznors Stronghold Lower Level Map Ruined Temple & Kobold Traps Town of Ac

TSR - Advanced Dungeon & Dragons

Briocht "Briocht" is an AD&D adventure for 4-5 PCs of levels 10-12 (about 50 total levels). It is set in a Celtic campaign land, but it does not follow exactly the guidelines of the Celts Campaign Sourcebook.
Author and copyright: Willie

Briocht map 1 Briocht map 2 Briocht map 3 Briocht map 4

Clarshh's Sepulchre This AD&D module is for a party of five or six 1st-level adventurers of good alignment (at least 4 total levels). A small supply of +1 magical weapons will be on loan to them for the adventure, as well as some NPC allies.
Author and copyright: Willie Walsh

Clarshh's Sepulchre map 1 Clarshh's Sepulchre map 2 Clarshh's Sepulchre map 3 Clarshh's Sepulchre map 4

Night Swarm Night Swarm is an AD&D adventure set in Rhorton's Grove, a small town in a wet river valley. The adventure is designed for a group of 35 PCs of levels 5-7 (25 total levels). Inclusion of a spellcaster is strongly recommended but not necessary.
Author and copyright: Lorri E. Hulbert

Night Swarm map 1 Night Swarm map 2 Night Swarm map 3 Night Swarm map 4

The Fiends of Tethyr "Fiends of Tethyr" is an AD&D adventure for 5-7 PCs of levels 6-8 (about 42 total levels). It is set in the Forgotten Realms nation of Tethyr, but could easily be placed in other game worlds. The adventure is best suited for good-aligned PCs.
Author and copyright: David Howery

The Fiends of Tethyr map 1 The Fiends of Tethyr map 2

The Rose of Jumlat "The Rose of Jumlat" is an adventure for a group of 3 or more PCs of levels 37 (about 22 levels total). A well-balanced party of good or neutrally aligned characters works best.
Author and copyright: Jeroen

The Rose of Jumlat Map 1 The Rose of Jumlat Map 2 The Rose of Jumlat Map 3 The Rose of Jumlat Map 4 The Rose of Jumlat Map 5 The Rose of Jumlat Map 6

Tulips of the Silver Moon "Tulips of the Silver Moon" is an AD&D adventure for four to six non-evil aligned PCs of 5th-7th level (about 30 total levels). Any mix of races and classes is acceptable, although a ranger or character with tracking proficiency could be of great value, as would a druid.
Author and copyright: Steve Loken
Artwork: Steven Schwartz

Tulips of the Silver Moon map 1 Tulips of the Silver Moon map 1 Tulips of the Silver Moon map 1

Wedding Day "Wedding Day" is a light-hearted AD&D game adventure for 4-8 PCs of level 1 or 2 (about 10 levels total). The scenario can also work well for a single PC of level 4 or 5. A wizard character with the spellcraft nonweapon proficiency can help the party's mission considerably, but observant PCs can succeed as well. The adventure's setting is any medium or large city of the DM's choosing. The adventure presumes the use of the optional rule on spell components.
Author and copyright: Paul F. Culotta

Wedding Day map 1

Wedding Day map 2

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