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AD&D CD-ROM Core Rules Version 2.0
The AD&D Core Rules CD-ROM Version 2.0 is the latest version of the best-selling software utility for AD&D players and DMs. This complete utility package for players and Dungeon Masters makes it easy to create characters, reference the AD&D rules, and create monsters, treasures and maps for your campaign.

What’s included in this software (new or improved features for version 2.0 are marked with an asterisk*):

Complete text of 9 key rule books*

  • Player’s Handbook
  • Dungeon Master Guide
  • Monstrous Manual
  • Arms & Equipment Guide
  • Tome of Magic
  • DM Option: High Level Campaign*
  • Player’s Option: Combat & Tactics*
  • Player’s Option: Skills & Powers*
  • Player’s Option: Spells & Magic*

AD&D Character Generator*
Uses complete set of Player’s Options rules*
High quality full-color print from version 1.0

Map Maker II*
Overland, City or Dungeon map creation*
Print in full-color
Link encounters and databases to maps

Dice Roller*
Generate and total all sorts of dice rolls automatically

Treasure/Monster/Encounter Generator

Automatically generate these for your game
Link these to map locations
Customize these to suit your own campaign