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Added - Entire Palladium Roleplaying system to the reviews section. Online ordering to follow shortly.

Added - Entire AD&D core product backlist to the online ordering section. The online section now stocks all TSR AD&D Core books. More to be added soon.
Added - 75% of TSR's AD&D products to the Online Ordering section, with reviews.
News - neonflux is currently seeking reviews for books and products online. If you have fully read a book and what to give your comments on it. Please send it to us and we will post it in the reviews section for other gamers to read. Full credit for reviews will be given. Email reviews to
Added - The Universal Currency Converter™ to the online ordering section for convenient US dollar currency conversion to your local currency.
Added -
Reviews and ordering information  of Palladium products. More of course to be added later.
News -
neonflux has book artwork for the up and coming Rifts Scraypers : Dimension Book 4. Can't wait for this one.
Added - Online ordering section so roleplayers can purchase books at a discounted rate.
News -
neonflux has become an associate of (largest bookstore in the world). You can now purchase all the roleplaying books for all systems reviewed at neonflux from our website !
Update - Due to popular demand, a minor face lift.
Added - Full release list of books to be released this year. Information and prices. Very useful tool.
News - TSR writes an open letter to all online gamers confirming continued support and expansion of their games. The letter entitled "A Message from the Creative Staff of TSR, Inc." answers any questions about the purchase of TSR from Wizards of the coast. "We're excited by our renewed commitment and new directions, and we believe you will be, too." is just one of the comments TSR points out. You can check out the entire letter here.
Added - Seven new modules all AD&D to the modules section. Check them out.
Added - New from TSR, The Priest Spell Compendium (AKA New Priests Spell List) for AD&D to the Worlds Section.
Updated - Copyright information.
Added - The first of many to come modules. Starting with a classic Palladium Fantasy called The Arms of Nargash Tor.
Added - Beyond the Supernatural, Palladium Fantasy, Rifts, Robotech, Nightbane and Hero's Unlimited Acrobat blank character sheets added to the character section.
Updated - Related links.
Added - News Archive, old news cut to archive.
Updated - Characters section, exclusive to neonflux, Acrobat Palladium Character sheets, more to come soon.
Updated - Changed servers because of reasons I wont get into now. Sorry about the long delay in updates server problems and I was overseas at the Tokyo Game Show. Look forward to some more character sheets, modules and bluebooks coming soon. This is no Aprils fools joke !